Download the Album

Luck + Death: home page — Amazon — Kobo

You can download a zipped file of the entire soundtrack, bundled together with both versions of the cover art, here.

If you prefer, you can:

  • select the songs you want from the table below (click the track title to download it), and
  • choose your preferred cover (This Version or That Version)

Clicking on an artist’s name in the table below will take you to a page related to their music.

Track List

Track Artist Time
1. Chinatown Intro Francis Pilon (Canada) 1:21
2. Jung Jing Road Backbeat Candy (U.K.) 3:17
3. UIFs + the Felon John Pazdan (U.S.A.) 2:36
4. Flamingo Girl + the Tics Russell Wilson (U.S.A.) 2:24
5. Spider Nathan Fleet (Canada) 1:42
6. The Hungry Ghosts Jason Brock (U.S.A.) 3:27
7. Airportlandia Jonaw (China) 4:31
8. Distrito Federal Stefan Thaens (Belgium) 4:18
9. El Paraíso Perdido Nas Hedron (Canada/Brazil) 3:17
10. Gat’s Nightmare CSoul (Turkey) 3:35
11. Flying Home Jonathan Eisenzopf (U.S.A.) 2:01
12. Dogware Zapac (Hungary) 3:40
13. Letting Out the Throttle  Timberman (Sweden) 3:28
14. Chinatown Outro Bivouac Recording (China) 1:01

If you want to try mixing your own version of El Paraíso Perdido, you can download all the files I used in my version here.

The same thing applies to UIFs +the Felon, where I just added an intro and a coda, all files are here.


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