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This page displays all fourteen tracks for streaming.

Each track also has its own page, numbered [01] through [14], where you can stream the track and find detailed information about it, plus links, images, and video. Full artist credits are provided on the numbered pages.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find bonus material:

  • First, a reading of Chapter One of Luck + Death with a musical score by the folks at TTG Music Lab,
  • Next, three video trailers for the novel featuring music from the soundtrack.
  • Finally, a remix of Track [09] created by Borni of ccMixter.

01 Chinatown Intro (Francis Pilon, Canada) 1:21

02 Jung Jing Road (Backbeat Candy, U.K.) 3:17

03 UIFs + the Felon  (John Pazdan, U.S.A.) 2:36

04 Flamingo Girl + the Tics (Russell Wilson, U.S.A.) 2:24

05 Spider (Nathan Fleet, Canada) 1:42

06 The Hungry Ghosts (Jason Brock, U.S.A.) 3:27

07 Airportlandia (Jonaw, China) 4:31

08 Distrito Federal (Stefan Thaens, Belgium) 4:18

09 El Paraíso Perdido (Nas Hedron, Canada/Brazil) 3:17

10 Gat’s Nightmare (CSoul, Turkey) 3:35

11 Flying Home (Jonathan Eisenzopf, U.S.A.) 2:01

12 Dogware (Zapac, Hungary) 3:40

13 Letting Out the Throttle (Timberman, Sweden) 3:28

14 Chinatown Outro (Bivouac Recording, China) 1:01


Bonus Track — Reading of Chapter One, with musical score


Video for Track 02 — Luck + Death Trailer, Jung Jing Road Edition (downtempo)


Video for Track 06 — Luck + Death Trailer, Hungry Ghosts Edition (uptempo)


Video for Track 10 — Luck + Death Trailer, Gat’s Nightmare Edition (downtempo)


Remix of Track 09 by Borni of ccMixter


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