Chinatown Outro (Bivouac Recording, China) 1:01

L+D Overture 24B

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This is the second field recording on the album, the partner to Chinatown Intro. Also from Shanghai, this comes from Bivouac Recording.

Like the intro, Chinatown Outro has a musical element, and in this case it’s my beloved erhu. Here are the notes that were posted with the original version by Terence at Bivouac:

Recorded May 24, 2009. The part of Fangbang Lu near Xizang Nan Lu is still untouched by the touristy structures and fake facades of money-hungry souvenir tourist-trappers. Although still a main thoroughfare, over here life is more local, there are small open-air eateries that cater to the local flavor as well as small shops that sell home-stuffs. It’s as if nothing happened a few hundred meters away across Zhong Hua Lu.

Along this road I came across an Erhu player playing on the street. I pass him at first then turn around to give him some change in return for some of his music. I felt as if he knew he was being recorded and started to play a bit more fancy as I stood and watched/ recorded. After a while, I turn to leave and his music fades as I turn a corner.

As with Chinatown Intro, I edited the original recording for length and to focus attention on the part of the recording I thought was most suitable for the soundtrack, but otherwise it’s exactly as in the original.

I think this is the perfect way to unwind and conclude the soundtrack.



Chinatown Outro was originally released as Sounds of Shanghai – Fangbang Lu Erhu by Terence LLoren at Bivouac Recording, which can be found here. It was released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and Chinatown Outro, as a derivative work, is released here under the same license.

The photograph by Kabacchi shows Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan and was released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. It can be found here. I cropped the original photo and altered the saturation.


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