Jung Jing Road (Backbeat Candy, U.K.) 3:17

Track 02

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Gat Burroughs lives on Jung Jing Road, which is a real street in L.A.’s Chinatown. His love of Chinatown turns largely on the fact that he doesn’t speak Chinese.

In my business I see so much of what’s evil in humanity, or simply what’s crass, cheap, and dreary, that it’s enough to sour you on people if you don’t get a break. It’s a relief not to understand what my fellow human beings are saying. People pass me on the street talking, sometimes arguing or upset, but I’m insulated from it. Music blares from businesses up and down the block, but if the lyrics are mundane or foolish it doesn’t matter – I have no idea what they mean. The neon signs may promise things they can’t deliver, as they do in any neighborhood, but I can’t read them. I find it easier to think well of people that way. Don’t get me wrong, I like people, it’s just that I’m in such close contact with their sins so much of the time that when I come home it’s nice to enter a zone of relative ignorance. The neighborhood is far from quiet, but for me coming here is like being shrouded in silence.

This track is by Backbeat Candy, a UK-based project that ran from 2008 to 2012. It was originally titled Meditation and it comes from the Princess Ylousha album.

You can hear the entire album—billed as “an epic 8 track violin album” that mixes electronics and violin melodies—on Soundcloud here.

I used this track when creating one of the Luck + Death video trailers, below. (You can watch the other video trailer on track 06, The Hungry Ghosts)


Bonus Track

Notionally, the track Jung Jing Road corresponds to the period in Chapter One of Luck + Death when Gat is riding out a nightmare in which he’s reliving the horrific “pacification” of the civilian population of Tijuana, an operation in which he was deployed when he was in the military. It’s a nightmare that he knows isn’t real but from which he can’t wake.

With no other recourse, Gat sits down in the middle of this dream deployment and meditates, refusing to participate in events. He’s not calm, but he’s trying to summon some calmness by focusing on his breath and picturing the familiar sights of Chinatown, where he knows that—in real life—he lies sleeping.

You can hear a reading of the entire first chapter, with a professional score added by the awesome folks at TTG Music Lab, below.



Jung Jing Road was originally released as Meditation by Backbeat Candy, which can be found here. It was released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

The photograph is my own (copyright © 2008 Nas Hedron) and shows Spadina Avenue in Toronto. I cropped it, altered the saturation, and erased the English words on the red shop sign in the background.


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