Chinatown Intro (Francis Pilon, Canada) 1:21

Track 01

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This is one of the two field recordings that bookend the album. They’re meant to give the sense that the album begins and ends at Gat Burroughs’ home on Jung Jing Road in Chinatown in Los Angeles.

In fact, the recordings were made in China—both come from the city of Shanghai. Field recordings like this aren’t common and the two I chose simply offered better, more interesting soundscapes than any I could find from a Chinatown location.

I listened to every sound file of this kind that I could find, finally settling on two that had the urban ambiance that I wanted, but that also included music as one of the elements in the mix.

Chinatown Intro was recorded by Fakepop, otherwise known as Francis Pilon, an IT specialist in Vancouver, Canada. I edited it for length and in order to focus on the section that best served to open the album, but other than that the track is exactly as Pilon recorded it.

On his blog, Pilon has this recommendation for listening to his Shanghai recordings:

Pour une expérience plus riche et plus intense je vous suggère de vous faire un thé pendant que vous téléchargez les pistes sonores. Puis, installez-vous confortablement avec une paire d’écouteurs, baissez l’intensité lumineuse et laissez-vous surprendre.

Which translates more or less as:

For a richer and more intense experience I suggest you get a tea while you download the tracks. Then, sit back with a pair of headphones, turn down the lights, and allow yourself to be surprised.

I think it’s a great suggestion.



Chinatown Intro is an excerpt from the recording Shanghai Lao Jie by Francis Pilon, which can be found here. It was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and Chinatown Intro, as a derivative work, is released here under the same license. More information about the original recording can be found on the Fakepop.ca web site in this post (in French). 

The photograph by epSos.de shows a Chinese New Year dragon in the Chinatown in Singapore and was released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. It can be found here. I cropped the original photo, altered the saturation, and added the lens flare.


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